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Choosing a Photographer

“Why do professional photographers charge so much?”

Those who are shopping based upon price alone are always going to choose the least expensive. What’s the best decision for your situation and needs? What are important questions to ask and consider before choosing your photographer?

There is a need for all levels and price ranges in the photography market. We know that we are not going to be the photographer for everyone’s needs and style preferences. Whether you choose Hudson’s Photography for your children & family, high school senior or other photography need or not, we want to help you make the best informed decision.

Lighting Situations

Photographer’s Experience

There are many different styles of photography out there today. Education may range from self-taught to online tutorials, large class lectures or hands on workshops. Having and continuing to keep up-to-date on lighting, posing or digital art trends is just as important as having a traditional technical background. A traditional technical background: different lighting patters & general knowledge of how to balance light, posing an individual, couple, group or a large group and composition is the foundation any great image.


Beautiful images can be created using only the natural light within your scene through the use of shade, specific time of day and location. The ability to see and balance light in all conditions provides variety and consistency. Whether a photographer uses external lights or not, the fact that they have them and know how to use them properly means they are prepared for all types of location, lighting situations and time of day.


Media is in our face 24/7 and it seems everyone has access to a camera. With the ability to create and share varieties of art and photos, the style of portraiture that people like is vastly growing. Natural lighting, when done well lends itself to a more “candid” “lifestyle” not so “posy, posy” vibe. With the use of composition, lighting and deliberate action placement, beautiful action shots can be created. The important thing is being able to visualize, direct, light and capture. A skilled photographer will be able to tilt, twist and turn you into poses that look striking yet comfortable and natural.


Your Experience

Camera’s today are FANTASTIC! You don’t have to do much more than aim and click to get a pretty decent shot. The difference between someone not quite comfortable with their craft and a professional is confidence. From the moment you walk into the studio, your photographer is confident in their workspace, with their equipment and in taking charge of the session. The day is definitely about you, but if you’re not one to jump in there with ideas, your photographer should be able to make you feel at ease and move you through your session. If you feel adventurous to make a suggestion, they should be able to help you work your idea into a well composed image. You should leave the session feeling confident that you created some images you’re going to love and that you had a great time. You should be able to ask questions and get answers in a timely manner. If you have a problem with your session or final products in any way, they should be addressed and fixed as quickly as possible. Details about your session, packages and the process should be made available to you via a website, social media, printed or emailed or answered over the phone.

posing groups

Studio Policies & Expectations

Every studio offers different packages, prints and digital options. Some studios require a deposit, some have session fees and some ask for a package commitment upfront. What payment options do you have and what are your payment timelines? It’s a good idea to check on how and when you’re going to order your photos and what options you have. What does a CD of Images mean? How many files will be included? Will I be able to print my own enlargements? What are digital proofs? What is the difference between low resolution and high resolution digital files? Are prints mounted, coated or framed? An album at one studio will not be the same quality or have the same design options. It’s always great to stop by and feel products and see samples of what you’ll be ordering. Are your products designed customs for you or are your images dropped into a template with minor color and tweaks made?

You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”. It’s true! Everyone holds photography at a different level on the scale of needs and wants. Everyone deserves to have photos they can display and share but most importantly remember for years to come. It’s your job to find a balance in quality and price that works for you and your family. Don’t be afraid to call around. Before you call, make a list of questions you have and don’t be afraid to ask them. Compare your answers, product, prints and package options and the style and quality of each photographer’s work and product samples.”You Get What You PAY For”. It’s going to cost you a little more, but it should be WELL FORTH the price as you admire your images later.

While we may not be the right photographer for everyone, at Hudson’s Photography, we create the environment to capture moments for you to remember for years to come. We are very proud of our 30+ years in business serving the great people of Bedford, Indiana and the surrounding areas. We appreciate your loyalty throughout the years.