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Children & Family Faqs

Is there a session fee?

There is a $100 session fee for our general children and family sessions either in studio or out on location. If you order any of our packages (starting at $245) your session fee is included with your package.

Do I have to pay the $200 deposit to schedule my session?

The $200 deposit is to schedule your session and will be credited back toward your order total. (please see our studio policies) We spend a lot of time with all of our clients to ensure we capture the type of images you’re going to love and want to display. We have only a limited number of sessions available so each session slot is important.

There are two prices for everything, how does that work?

If you choose to purchase any of our packages, your $100 session fee is included in your package cost, so your entire $200 deposit will go toward your order total. For any additional prints and products you may purchase, you’ll order off our “with package” pricing, which is at a discount off our “a la carte” prices. If you do not like any of our package options, that’s ok too. There is a $100 session fee and you’ll order your prints products off the “a la carte” pricing.

What sessions do you offer?

We offer sessions for just your kids, your immediate family and for the whole gang. We also have our Baby Plan and Watch Me Grow Programs that help you document your baby’s first few years for children just born to age 4. Our Birthday Club is prefect for that special session that highlights your child and their favorite things each year in the month of their birthday. During the year we will have specials and events where we offer a discounts off our popular products and special packages.

During Hudson’s Specials, we will offer a set of dates and session options for you to choose from. There will be a session fee, typically of $50 taken over the phone via credit card to schedule your session. If you order one of our Special Packages, your $50 session fee will credited back toward your package total. Packages typically start around $99. An option of high resolution digital files will be offered.

During Hudson’s Events, we will offer a day(s) and a block of time for you to show up ready for your photos.

I’m so excited, when will I see my photos?

Your photos will be ready to view 7 to 10 days after your photography session. Please call the studio to schedule your session when you are ready to place your order. Please bring all decision making parties to this session. We appreciate payment in full. We request a 50% deposit to begin processing your order and the balance prior to picking up any portion of your order.

I can’t pay for 50% of my order at my Ordering Session, what are my options?

We understand and it’s not a problem. We recommend putting down something at your Ordering Session and then paying via check sent to the studio: 1538 I Street Bedford IN 47421, make checks payable to: Hudson’s Photography or over the phone with a credit card. We will process your order when we reach half down and payment in full is due when you pick up your order.

Will I be able to re-order if I find I need or want something else?

Yes, we will have anything you’ve ordered on file for you to reorder with for at least one year. Having an image number or description makes it easier for you to reorder. You will reorder off of the “with package” package pricing.

Baby Plan & Watch Me Grow

How much does it cost and what do I get?

The Baby Plan is recommended for children under the age of 1. Included in the $200 program are 3 sessions at milestones of your choice, 1 outfit + diaper or naked photos per session, a framed art piece with your favorite image from each session at the end of your program, an online gallery for you to share with family & friends and order additional prints and products at the “with package” pricing which is a discount off the “a la carte” pricing.

The Watch Me Grow is recommended for children 1 year and older. Included in the $200 program are 3 sessions at milestones of your choice completed within 3 years of your initial session, 2 outfits per session, a framed art piece with your favorite image from each session at the end of your program, an online gallery for you to share with family & friends and order additional prints and products at the “with package” pricing which is a discount off the “a la carte” pricing.

With both of these programs, you’ll have the option to add on one of three collections to enhance your experience at the beginning of your program.
Gift Print Collection - $525 includes: 4 gift prints per session for 3 sessions.

Keepsake Collection - $1225 includes: 1-8x10 per session, keepsake album and slideshow with the best images from each session at the end of your program. | $425 pay per session.
Digital Collection - $1325 includes: all gallery images from 3 sessions. | $550 pay per session.

What milestones do you recommend?

With our Baby Plan, the defining milestones include: maternity (26-28 weeks), newborn (within the first 5 to 10 days), tummy time (around 4 months), sitting (around 8 months) and first birthday & standing (around 1 year). For the Watch Me Grow, we recommend the following, depending on where you start: 1 year, 18 months, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years.

Can I add on additional sessions to my program and collections?

Yes, you can add additional milestone sessions to both your program and collections.
$75 per session to your program
$175 per session to your gift print collection
$395 per session to your digital collection

I have multiple children; can they be in the session as well?

Yes, you can have brothers and sisters join in on a session or two during your program. We love to capture and show the bond of the whole family. Remember to coordinate their outfits. Just remember that the majority of the focus for all sessions should be the child on the program.

Birthday Club

What is the Hudson’s Birthday Club?

We’ve created our birthday club for those looking to keep up to date with those yearly milestone images as your child grows and changes. This session is for just the birthday boy or girl and must be completed Monday through Friday, in the month of their birthday. Your session includes up to 2 outfits in the studio. You will order off the “with package” pricing and may combine 3 sessions to complete one of the Baby’s First Year’s Collections. Please purchase at your first Birthday Club session.

Can I purchase the high resolution digital files for just one session?

Yes, you may add on your high resolution digital files for one session for $550. If you choose the digital files, your session feel will be included and your $50 deposit will be credited toward your order total.


For all other questions, please email us at: or call us at 812-279-0268 (the studio) and please leave us a message with your name, email & phone if we don’t answer so we can return your call in a timely manner. You may send a TXT MSG to 812-278-8892.