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Shelbi Cook

Crawford County class of 2015

We met Shelbi and her mom out at the Fuzzy Zoeller, Covered Bridge Golf Course in Sellersburg, Indiana. Boy was it a HOT one! They were so nice to us. The got us carts and towels to dunk into our buckets of ice and water. We rode around the course trying to stay out of everyone’s way. We had a great time and a good laugh when Shelbi kept hitting the ball at Kaui! Then we all drove the hour and a half to the studio for her studio portion. Shelbi’s got big plans and dreams in her future. First and foremost, she’ll continue her education with a scholarship to play golf for Oakland City College in Oakland City, Indiana. You wouldn’t notice anymore, but since Shelbi spent her summer playing golf, she had the darkest shoe tan line we had ever seen!